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Rent To Own Program Details

JERODZ REI, LLC’s program gets you into your home fast, as quickly as 3 days if needed.

Then, one of our Consultants will custom tailor a plan specifically for you and your situation, to help you to obtain financing on that home as soon as possible. This is usually within 1 year in most cases. However our agreements give you 2 years, and in some cases we can stretch that to 3 years for you if needed.

They will consult with you, educate you, and work with you, even to the level of completely rebuilding your credit records if needed. This is not simple credit repair. This is literally rebuilding and the reestablishment of your entire Credit Profile through all three Credit Bureaus with specific techniques designed specifically for getting a home loan that few people and companies are aware of.

What is even more exciting about the JERODZ REI, LLC program is that there are no additional charges, enrollment fees, or any of these services. They are all just part of our specialized service to you.

Perhaps the best part of this program is the fact that you can literally save thousands of dollars buying your home through this unique program, versus trying to finance and purchase a home yourself through traditional means through Realtors, Brokers, and Bankers. We’ll show you how.

Simple Steps to Home ownership

Step One
Contact us via phone, our website or email.

Step Two
Speak with one of our Consultants via telephone for additional program details and to meet some basic pre-qualifications so we know what price range of homes we can show you.

Step Three
View homes until you’ve selected the home you want and submit an Application at that time.

Step Four
Take care of the paperwork and pay your initial funds.

Step Five
Move in. We will immediately begin working on your situation to help you to acquire financing.

Step Six
Become a Homeowner and make your dream a reality.
That’s it. It’s really that simple.
Contact us now and let’s get started finding your next home today.


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